Graduate Students

Arjun Bhattacharya

Research Interests: Rajput identity, status, ethnogenesis, early-modern northern India, literary cultures and practices, knowledge production, multilingualism, materiality of the archive, multiple communities of reception and interpretation/literary communities
Cohort Year: 2020

Titas Bose

Research Interests: Children's Literature in a South Asian Context, Childhood Studies, Postcolonial Studies of History, Folklore and Oral Literatures, Storytelling, Multilingual Education, Parallel Childhoods in the Global South, Dalit, Adivasi and Muslim Childhoods
Cohort Year: 2020

Ahona Das

Research Interests: South Asian Girlhoods, Girlhood Studies, Childhood Studies, Graphic Novels & Visual Culture, Children's & YA Lit., Bildungsroman, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Post-colonial studies, Marginal & Global Childhoods, Fairy Tales/Folklore/Storytelling.
Cohort Year: 2022

Mercy Dutta

Research Interests: history of affect and emotions, social and cultural history of early south Asia, aesthetics, dramaturgy, medieval Assamese literature, medieval vaisnavism, sensorium and the senses
Cohort Year: 2023

Ronit Ghosh

Research Interests: Study: Bengali studies, Indian film and media cultures, sound studies, media/critical theory, popular music studies
Cohort Year: 2018

Aditya Harchand

Research Interests: Tamil language and literature, South India and Sri Lanka, poetics and aesthetics, philology, translation, history of religions, Tamil Islam, literary anthropology, sociolinguistics.
Cohort Year: 2022

Zoë Woodbury High

Research Interests: Early modern South Asia; Indian Ocean history; history of emotions; Persian, Urdu, Sanskrit, and Kannada language and literature.
Cohort Year: 2017

Shariq Khan

Research Interests: Indo-Persian literary and religious traditions; Islam in South Asia; the relationship between aesthetics and religion; South Asian modernities; postcolonial studies
Cohort Year: 2018

Aishwarya Kothare

Research Interests: Literary traditions in pre-modern India. Social and cultural histories. Female sexuality in the early Indian context. Kinship and household. Perceptions of love and courtship.

Daniel Lapinski

Research Interests: Northeastern India, Meitei language and literature, modern South Asian history, language politics and policy, history of linguistics.
Cohort Year: 2021

Kartik Maini

Research Interests: Asceticism & South Asian religions; social & intellectual history; philosophy in Sanskrit/Persian & the vernaculars; Indian Ocean history; queer studies; philology & book history
Cohort Year: 2020

Dipanwita Mazumder

Research Interests: Modern South Asia, Early 20th century Art History, Print History, War advertisements and posters, Social and Cultural History, Second World War, Colonial art history, Politics of representation.
Cohort Year: 2022

Ravi Prakash

Research Interests: History and Historiography of Hindi Literature, Sanskrit and Vernacular Poetics, Materiality and Circulation of texts, Literary Theory.
Cohort Year: 2022

Itamar Ramot

Research Interests: 10th-14th century Sanskrit and Kannada literature, community and identity, translation and circulation, genre, satire
Cohort Year: 2016

Yingxin Zhang

Research Interests: premodern South Asia; Hindi, Sanskrit and Tamil language and literature; comparative literature; epigraphy; literary translation; philology
Cohort Year: 2023