Yingxin Zhang

Yingxin Zhang
Cohort Year: 2023
Subject Area: Sanskrit
Research Interests: premodern South Asia; Hindi, Sanskrit and Tamil language and literature; comparative literature; epigraphy; literary translation; philology
Education: MA, Sanskrit, Jawaharlal Nehru University, 2020


Broadly speaking, Yingxin is interested in Sanskrit texts related to alaṁkāraśāstra, arthaśāstra, kāvya, vedānta and vyākaraṇa. Her project will center on the works of Mallinātha, a Sanskrit scholar who worked in fourteenth-century Andhra. This endeavor aims to explore the ways in which the interaction between Mallinātha's creative ingenuity and commentarial talent contributes to his philological practices that both connect his texts to specific preexisting genres of Sanskrit texts and make sense in terms of his social and cultural milieu.

Her prior research focused on specific overlaps between Sanskrit and Chinese aesthetics and literary works. In her paper titled “Rasa and Wei in Indian and Chinese Aesthetics”, she showed that the Indian dhvani theorists view aesthetic criticism as a scientific endeavor, whereas their Chinese counterparts see this process as artistic in nature, accounting for their opposite ways of presentations. Building upon this area of interest, she also wishes to investigate how cross-cultural exchange between India and China—especially through the translation of literary Buddhist texts—can shed light on the influence of Sanskrit sources on Chinese literary thought and practice.


MA, Sanskrit, Jawaharlal Nehru University, 2020
BA, Hindi, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, 2018