Prospective Students

Prospective undergraduate students will apply to the College rather than to our Department directly. The programs of study offered to undergraduates by the Department are described on our SALC Undergraduate web page.

Prospective graduate students should read our Graduate Student Section and consult the list of our faculty members to learn about their current research interests and their publications. One of our professors will serve as your advisor and chair of your dissertation committee. You should therefore consider applying to SALC if your interests correspond in some measure with those of one or more members of the SALC faculty. This correspondence should be made clear in the Statement of Purpose included in your application materials. You are not being encouraged to mimic the research interests of the faculty, but to demonstrate an intellectual curiosity about a topic or field of inquiry that overlaps with the interests of one or more of us.

For general application information, see the Humanities Division Admissions and Financial Aid web page. International students can find more information at