Vasudha Paramasivan


Vasudha ParamasivanAssistant Professor
Office: Foster Hall 210
Phone: (773) 702-8306

Vasudha Paramasivan’s research focuses on the pre-modern literary and religious cultures of North India, Bhakti (devotional) poetry, and aesthetics and poetics in pre-modern Hindi. She works with sources in Avadhi, Braj, Hindi and Sanskrit. Her current project is centered on the sixteenth century epic poem, the Ramcaritmanas of Tulsidas. Paramasivan’s work explores the complex sets of interactions between various nineteenth century literary cultures – sectarian, courtly and colonial – that contributed to the emergence of the Ramcharitmanas as the principal text of Ram devotion in North India.


Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, 2010

Field Specialties

Hindi language and literature

Research Interests

Pre-modern literary and religious cultures of North India, Bhakti literature, aesthetics and poetics in pre-modern Hindi

Publications Include:

  • “Yah Ayodhyā Vah Ayodhyā: Earthly and Cosmic Journeys in the Ānand lahari,” in Patronage and Popularisation, Pilgrimage and Procession: Channels of Transcultural Translation and Transmission in Early Modern South Asia. Papers in Honor of Monika Horstmann, edited by Heidi Pauwels. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2009.
  • “Captivity and Curiosity,” translation from Shekhar: Ek Jivani in Nationalism in the Vernacular: Hindi, Urdu, and the Literature of Indian Freedom, edited by Shobna Nijhawan. New Delhi: Permanent Black, 2010.
  • “The Question of Economic Independence for Women” and “The Condition of Hindu Wives,” translations in Mahadevi Varma: Political Essays on Women, Culture and Society, edited by Anita Anantharam. New York: Cambria Press, 2010.